Charged with battering boyfriend, then blamed his desire 'to have intercourse with her'

Charged with battering boyfriend, then blamed his desire ‘to have intercourse with her’

(As originally published, Wed, April 3rd 2024 at 6:13 PM)

CLERMONT, Fla. (TND) — The call to 911 was pretty vague: “A male subject called in, frantically advising that he had gotten cut, with no other further information,” the arrest report said.

Deputies in Florida rushed right over last Wednesday evening, March 27, and the victim told them, “Roughly 10 minutes prior to our arrival, his girlfriend of 10 years, later identified as arrestee, Debra Kopelic, cut him from behind while he was cooking at the stove.

“The victim stated the arrestee suspected him of infidelity, to which the argument became hostile, and she began yelling, as he had his back to her.

“The victim stated that while he was cooking on the stove, the arrestee then came from behind and scratched the side of his face, and hit him on top of the head.

“The victim advised, he had his back turned and was unsure what she hit him with.

“The victim further stated that he then turned around to further confront the arrestee, due to her battering him, to which he advised he did not hit her in return.

“The victim then stated that the arrestee should have his blood on her shirt.”

Authorities had to wait for a chance to hear Kopelic’s side of the story. She apparently drove away — and they didn’t believe what she eventually said.

Kopelic called 911, her arrest report said, “advising that her boyfriend beat her up.

“Upon speaking with the arrestee, she stated that her argument with the victim was over the victim wanting to have intercourse with her, to which she declined.

“The arrestee further stated that the victim advised her that if she didn’t have intercourse with him, he was going to force her to, causing him to take off his clothes in an attempt to rip the arrestee’s clothes off.

Charged with battering boyfriend, then blamed his desire 'to have intercourse with her'
Debra Jean Kopelic was charged with battery, March 27, 2024. (Lake Co. Sheriff’s Office)

“I then questioned the arrestee on where the incident took place, to which she advised it was on her living room couch, and a short time later, she changed to the incident happening in the hallway of the house.

“The arrestee then stated that the victim battered her around her facial region and advised she may not have injuries due to her blocking the strikes.

“I further questioned the arrestee on how the incident took place again, to which she changed her answer again.

“I then asked the arrestee why the victim would have scratch marks near the back of his head, indicating that he was battered from behind, and she advised that it was probably her clawing at him with her nails, because he got close to her.

“The arrestee could not make any sense.”

Finally, the deputy wrote about the victim having “several deep claw marks near his left ear and back neck region, as well as a few gashes on his forehead.

“I did not observe any injuries whatsoever on the arrestee.

“I only observed the victim’s blood on her clothing.”

Kopelic, 73, was charged with battery, and was released from jail after 13-and-a-half hours.

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