Anniversary means time to start something new

It’s Jan. 11 and that means today marks four years since my very first blog post at Back then, when I started, I was still in Florida. Being new in Bristol & the Tri-Cities  March 8, 2015 Getting settled at home  March 14, 2015 Getting settled at work  March 15, 2015 Getting settled in Bristol  March 16, 2015 I hadn’t yet moved … Continue reading Anniversary means time to start something new

Odds, ends and new beginnings

It’s always good to be remembered, and hopefully being your last new year’s message of the year will keep some of my thoughts on your minds. (I’d be embarrassed to post something like this more than a week late, even by a few minutes!) Let me start with the most important: that I became an … Continue reading Odds, ends and new beginnings