In January, I started freelancing for the weekly newspaper Philadelphia Gay News, or PGN as it’s known around here.

Yes, you know I got my IT Support Specialist certificate, but I’ve been reading the paper for 20 years and keeping up with it while I was out of town.

The publisher Mark Segal and I have been acquaintances for years, and the opportunity presented itself.

Mark introduced me to a woman who’d recently taken a buyout from The New York Times. She became an instant mentor, and is now this local weekly’s new editor! (Their loss is our gain!)

I’d really like to help with the paper’s website,, but that will take some time. For now, I’ve been copy-editing and writing articles.

I’m excited about the possibilities and to be part of a small group of journalists and technical folks, whose members may have changed, but have been putting out the publication for 43 years.

In fact, PGN has won so many awards over the years, I realized there isn’t enough space on the newsroom walls for them all.

We should all have problems like that!

Anyway, click articles on the bottom to see what I’ve been doing!