Your ultimate guide to the 2017 NFL Draft

I assumed the role of point-person for the 2017 NFL Draft, which was held here in Philadelphia at the end of April 2017, since the senior web producer (and sports expert among us) decided to take the week off. (As if we hadn’t known this would be happening in our city a long time before, since Sept. 1, 2016!) I gathered all the information from city and NFL websites I could find, and came up with a format. I stayed late into the afternoon to work on this for a few days. I hope that’s not why the V.P. of Creative Services (who the web team ended up answering to, for the stupid reason of station branding, even though we wrote the news) criticized me for staying late. Then, this article got updated as the week and newscasts went on. (Was this mentioned in my annual review? Of course not! Just that I’m helpful with the schedule which I didn’t keep by staying late!)
2017-03-25 Your ultimate guide to the 2017 NFL Draft
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