The FCC’s war on American children, adults

The Federal Communications Commission has a very important mission, but it’s not being fulfilled. In fact, the opposite has been happening over the past few days and it’ll likely lead to less children’s programming – and less attention when you complain about your TV, phone company or internet service provider. The FCC says its mission … Continue reading The FCC’s war on American children, adults

Be nicer to Mike Jerrick, and other thoughts on what’s making news

People who know me can never, ever say I’m not loyal to people I like and respect. You’ll see that in a moment, along with an example of the opposite. (Is your mouth watering yet?) Yesterday, one of Philadelphia’s daily newspapers published an article called “Is the morning news format that fuels Mike Jerrick's 'weird … Continue reading Be nicer to Mike Jerrick, and other thoughts on what’s making news

Disgraceful daughter

Every situation is different, but death always seems to be a hard topic. We could be talking about a close relative, an acquaintance from years ago, a pet, or a famous person. How people respond is unique and usually understandable. Usually. And I will say it. Tom Petty’s younger daughter seems to be an exception. … Continue reading Disgraceful daughter

A great ‘day’ in Lenny’s ‘life’

When you've watched a daily TV show on and off for 20 years, even very rarely recently because work gets in the way, it becomes part of your life. There's no getting around that. So when I found out several members of the Days of our Lives cast were going to be two hours away, … Continue reading A great ‘day’ in Lenny’s ‘life’