I got a job — and I’m moving!

Yes! You read right! It finally happened!

I’m going to be the next digital manager at WCYB-Channel 5 in the Tri-Cities, TN/VA (one letter off from WCVB-Channel 5 in Boston, but a world apart), working roughly 11-8, but you know news. More on the station and location in a moment.

You probably know I’ve been holding out for the right opportunity and looked all over the place, even flying and driving to some. Yes, I thought I had found that opportunity once or twice before in my five-and-a-half months of not working. Now, I’m thrilled to announce I found the right situation with the right people. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and hope to stay for many years!

It’s also my first official management position. Producing a newscast and managing a classroom require the same skills, but don’t really count. This puts me back on my true career path, done with the teaching detour, but still coaching and mentoring.

And before I forget, thank you to my references: SH, SY, DS, EE, DL, JK, CG, and KM. I’m sure you’ve been bothered repeatedly! Also, Liz, Matt, Jade, Sheila, Cindy, and especially Garry and Liza, for your help, suggestions, and encouragement.

Now to business. The station is an NBC affiliate. It also manages and produces news for the Fox station, WEMT-Channel 39, and airs The CW on a digital subchannel. It has been #1 forever.

WCYB is owned by Bonten Media Group, which has stations in five markets. The Tri-Cities is the largest. It’s market #92 — bigger than Savannah, Charleston, and El Paso — and has been growing. It advertises itself as a region that is rich in history, filled with charm, and framed by the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.

To anyone who says it’s too small for me, you know I just want to be happy. For anybody who says there may not be much to do, what do I do in Miami?!

The Tri-Cities (KingsportJohnson City, and Bristol in Tennessee, and the twin-city of Bristol over the Virginia border,

which is actually a street called State Street) is NOT the NY/NJ/CT Tri-State area. It’s where I-81 and I-26 meet in far northeastern Tennessee, just over the border from far southwestern Virginia. Also nearby are Kentucky and North Carolina, and West Virginia isn’t too far away.

from FallonGroup.com

So there’s lots close. I’ve said I wanted a change of seasons and land that’s not so flat, and not a lot of traffic. This may be the jackpot! And yes, there’s a synagogue! The TV station is on the Virginia side of Bristol. From Miami, take I-95 north to I-26 west. From the northeast, go west to I-81 and take it south. The airport is small, but you can fly Delta, U.S. Airways, and Allegiant to Atlanta and Charlotte, and the small airports of Sanford (near Orlando) and St. Petersburg (near Tampa) in Florida.

I probably won’t be going anywhere except quick weekend family functions in June in New York and August in New Hampshire.

So please, stop by WCYB.com regularly, download the news and Storm Track 5 apps, and sign up for emails including national breaking news for those of you outside the Tri-Cities area. You can also keep up to date with News 5 WCYB on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

I start in about a week and a half. We’re hoping for Monday, March 9th. First, I’m going to put the house up for rent. No big going away party. They’re not for me (most Jews can’t say goodbye) and I have to act quickly. Stay tuned for news on the move!

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The journalism “business” has changed — from standards to platforms to layoffs — along with the American public, and I’ve managed to survive somewhat on my own terms.

I started in 1994, becoming an award-winning and respected TV newscast producer.

Even better was creatively producing websites and social media, and serving as a station's digital media manager — writing news, creating graphics and getting evidence of growing my audience here in the nation's fourth largest market, Philadelphia.

I also taught first grade for eight years. My principal saw my class website and made me electronic gradebook manager to assist co-workers when we stopped using paper gradebooks.

In 2018, I took courses and earned the Google IT Support Professional Certificate.

In 2019, I was a freelance newspaper reporter, but enjoyed copy editing and reviving the publication’s social media even more.

That got me striking out on my own with a local news website to join the blog I created, designed and write.

Ask me about all the details.

I did drive Uber to make ends meet until I started as a customer service representative at one of the world’s largest web-hosting companies, with more than 8 million customer contracts and hosting more than 12 million domains.

With classroom and newsroom experience, I know how to prioritize, analyze and take the best course of action. Getting results means attention to detail, following through and following up.


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