Health system merger announcement expected Thursday

I was less than a month into the job when News 5 WCYB’s Preston Ayres exclusively confirmed there would be a merger between the region’s two powerhouse healthcare companies: Wellmont and Mountain States.
The morning news anchor returned to front the story in the evening newscasts, after a lot of lawyering I found out about afterward.
My Facebook post went up at 5:09pm, so it wouldn’t tip off the competition.
2015-03-30 Health system merger announcement expected Thursday
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the actual story the Facebook post linked to, which had to be posted on the website before the Facebook post could go up, but look at those numbers for a station in the Tri-Cities market!
WCYB followed every aspect of that story past the time I left.
The promotions department even came up with something to show how we livestreamed a news conference on the website,
wcyb livestream promo

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