Mary J. Blige to headline Welcome America Festival on July 4th

This is one of those examples of a story updated more than 48 hours after it was posted. Any new information in that time should’ve been a separate story, linking back to this one. You’ll also notice I didn’t use the name Wawa at all, because they were simply the sponsor, and sponsors change. The senior web producer wasn’t happy. (Click here to see how many names Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving parade, the oldest in the U.S., has had. You may be surprised.) Besides, they weren’t paying us money! I remember NBC Sports refusing to use the sponsored name of any football stadium before it lost AFC rights to CBS. Also, I’ve been in trouble for supposedly altering images. Note to the V.P. of Creative Services (who the web team ended up answering to, for the stupid reason of station branding, even though we wrote the news): Using a picture of Mary J. Blige next to the event logo required altering, didn’t it? That’s perfectly fine. Erasing the name Wawa from the logo would’ve been wrong. I certainly didn’t do that. Do you see the difference?
2017-04-21 Mary J Blige to headline Welcome America Festival on July 4th
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