The Grammys are wasted on me

I’m not a big fan of awards shows. When they’re on, I realize I don’t get out enough. Of course, that’s no surprise to anyone who knows me.

The Grammys were on last night. I watched a little bit but spent a lot more time looking at friends’ Facebook and Twitter posts. (By the way, you can follow me at @feedbaylenny.) I read up more on it this morning. Turns out, I actually heard of most of the winners!

Eleven years ago, before I left Philadelphia, I don’t think I had. I saw Beyonce for the first time and thought her name was “bounce” spelled wrong. And when someone at KYW mentioned Jay-Z, I thought they were talking about our sister station in Baltimore (WJZ-Channel 13)! Now, they are married. Look how far we’ve come!

That Happy Song (Happy) doesn’t make me happy. I saw Pharrell Williams during the few minutes I watched the Grammys last night. This infectious song has been out for a while, but I first heard it in September. I had been out of work for a week with the flu. That Saturday, I had to go to the first of 4 workshops for teachers who were new to Broward County (rather than go to the synagogue). I was still feeling lousy and disgusted with all the subject matter. See about the standards in a previous post. The teaching instructors played this song several times and now I have bad memories whenever I hear it. I never returned. So much for being happy!

The awards shows I actually looked forward to most were the Daytime Emmys and yes, the Soap Opera Digest Awards. I think you can figure out the reason. Those awards shows aren’t doing so well these days, since most of the soaps have been cancelled. I still watch 3 of the 4, but only when they’re on and I’m not doing anything else. (Oh, and the Daytime Emmys are irritating with talk shows, game shows, and children’s shows, and the SOD Awards have been MIA for about 10 years.)

The Primetime Emmys never did much for me, and even less lately. I just don’t watch a lot of primetime TV, at least not as much as I used to, growing up. Mostly comedies. Some shows take a few years to grow on me, and then I watch reruns.


As for Oscars, I can’t remember the last time I saw any nominated film, and I haven’t been to a Broadway show since 1984, so so much for the Tony Awards.

So I’m not as bad with the Grammys as I thought. Regardless, I still like the Grannies much better.

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