Apartment building fire under control, only one minor injury

The was a very big story for a little while. Dozens of people and their pets had to be evacuated from their apartment building when it went up in flames. It happened only about two blocks from the TV station but all they could show on TV for so long was the generic Market Street camera, right under the beginning of the article. Luckily, after the signal issues were resolved, Steve Keeley and crew did a great job interviewing people and showing the chaotic scene. You can see under the first picture how many live shot videos I posted from Steve and crew, and also ten photos in the “Image Gallery,” which the senior web producer had told me was a waste of time and I shouldn’t. Click here to see the wide variety of photos I posted. (I did the same thing about an hour later in the article about this house fire in the suburbs that turned out to be deadly. That didn’t seem to matter much on such a busy morning, did it?)
2017-01-31 Apartment building fire under control only one minor injury
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