This happened not just the same morning, but about an hour after the apartment building fire two blocks from the station. It was a busy but successful news-gathering morning, despite the tragedy here. The chopper and second crew went to this scene. I remember gathering and editing several soundbites from raw video of the battalion chief, describing the hoarding inside the home, and the dangers of it. (I always tried to offer potentially life-saving information when I could, and this was one of those times. I got in trouble after another deadly fire in which the victim went back inside to get a pet, and never made it out. The V.P. of Creative Services, who the web department answered to, called me insensitive for starting the Facebook post with something like once you’re out, don’t go back. But I’d rather be considered insensitive and hope somebody in a similar situation would remember that and stay safe. Forgive me, but I think it’s more important.) I must also confess I used 12 photographs (way too many!) to go along with this article. The victim in this story hadn’t been confirmed dead at the time of the interview, which is the bottom-left video under the main picture. Click here for the article.

2017-01-31 Woman 92 dies after morning house fire in Bensalem

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