Homeowner Hassle

How long is a major appliance supposed to last? It’s a question every homeowner has asked, hopefully not too frequently.

Unfortunately, that has been the case with my refrigerator. It’s less than 3 years old. Luckily, there wasn’t much in there.

Last September, there was trouble with the control board, whatever that is. That was while I had the flu and was planning to leave my teaching job. Not a happy time. (By the way, friends in news, I’m still looking everyday!)

Now, the problem is apparently the heater. Yes, the fridge has a heater! And the heater the repairmen brought with them is too small.

So my advice? Make sure you have a warranty. A long one. My fridge is a big Whirlpool and 3 years without a problem shouldn’t be too much to ask.

My refrigerator. Notice the towel for leaks underneath.

Something to add? Disagree? Let us all know!

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