Days 2, 3 & 4: hard work, harder luck

In the last blog, they tore apart the entire bathroom. That’s one out of the one-and-a-half bathrooms we have. I was hoping everything would go smoothly and quickly. That didn’t exactly happen.
Tuesday, they sectioned off the shower and bathtub areas.
And they used sheet rock on the walls. Disregard the color. That will change. Something for the top and something else for the bottom.
So far, so good.
Wednesday, unfortunately, I got a call from the secretary at BathFitter. I thought she was calling to confirm Thursday morning at 9am again, on the day before, when it really counts. She’d already called to confirm twice.
Instead, she told me they’ll put the shower in on Thursday and Friday, but they were sent the wrong bathtub! (They ordered it weeks ago and didn’t realize?) It’ll have to come from Canada, probably next week. We’re looking into what they will give us for our trouble.
So I won’t be able to use the shower Thursday. Will have to wait 24 hours for the silicone to completely dry.

Looking in. You see what the floor will look like.

Closer up. Shower on left. Bath tub straight ahead. Window, radiator and vanity (waiting out in the hallway) on right.

Shower done. Can’t wait to leave work and use it!

Where the bath tub will go when it finally arrives.

Speaking of changes, Thursday morning, the contractor, Garry and I spent a few hours shopping for every conceivable type of bathroom fixture, from tile and wall paneling, to paint and the ceiling, not to mention the vanity and mirror.
Of course, installing everything is delayed. We’ll all have to wait to see what everything looks like in place. Until then, here’s a sneak peek at one object that’s in a box, in another room…
By the way, the old one is gone. The neighborhood must be very nice because we left it outside for 3 days and nobody wanted it. The contractor ended up taking it away.

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