Big bathroom remodel: Done with day 1

Busy day at work, but also at home. The workers came bright and early, and gutted the place.
This is when they took their lunch break, courtesy Garry:
This is when they finished, courtesy Garry:
465Who knew there was cement under the floor? They had to cut through eight inches of it with a jackhammer. Glad I missed that.
And this is what I came home to:
I’m sick. Sneezed all day. Came home early and feel ____y. I think you get it. We’re expecting somebody to pick this (stuff) up. The workers took the rest of the restroom refuse.
The victim in all this:
Poor Casey. He deserves much better. Ask him.
So one day of construction completed. More than a couple to go. Look for a likewise lowdown on the lavatory later. Can’t wait to see the 21st century from the seat.


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