Big bathroom news!

It’s not the most appetizing title, but I realized you were craving pictures of the house before the first major renovation.


I should also point out it’s before the first major cleaning of the house. That can’t come soon enough. Neither can the rest of the unpacking.


Tomorrow morning, workers are going to come and completely redo the bathroom. You may notice, it looks like something out of the 1950s or 60s. Won’t be easy to manage for the week to 10 days of construction. Having a half-bath downstairs will help a little. I’m waiting to hear from any of you locals who can invite me over for a shower, especially those of you I work with really closely.
The new bathroom will be much more modern, with both a shower, big bathtub and new floor. Also, a much larger vanity and much better lighting. And there will continue to be space for Casey.


The house was built in 1930. This is the outside on closing day in September…
… and Yeti marking her new territory in front.
Below is the living room. Pretty comfy. Only the loveseat in the back, and the cocktail table, are new. Eventually, the TV set will be replaced by a big flatscreen above the fireplace.12The other side of the living room, with the front door.11
This is the dining room. Pictures are only temporary, where pictures had previously been. Will have to hang up all my stuff at once. Kitchen is to the right.13
The dining room and kitchen have perfect windows to see Yeti downstairs in her yard.
More of Yeti in her yard. I’ve only been down there twice.
That’s an alley, a neighbor and Holston Mountain in the back.holston mountain.png
The first snowfall we saw in Bristol was when “Sheddy Yeti” got raked, brushed, or whatever you want to call it.
The bedroom. Yes, the walls have to be redone. They are what they are. At least the boy on the bed doesn’t seem to mind. The headboard, nightstand and chest of drawers are new.14
The bedroom leads to the closet, and closet within a closet. 15
It also has stairs leading up to the attic.atticattic2
Then there’s the office where so much brilliance takes place. Also convenient for work. I can do anything here that I can do there. Again, I had nothing to do with any paint on any walls here.
We call this Casey’s room because it’s blue and has checkered flag racing curtains. He also likes to relax in the box in the lower right. There should be a bed in here by the time you visit.
And this is the basement, getting into shape, where I’d like to spend more time. We finally made space in the middle, and got rid of a ton of boxes and packing paper, so it’s walkable. And Garry finally finished putting the cover on the couch (from Bob’s Discount Furniture in another Bristol, this one in Connecticut) that Casey clawed thoroughly before he learned his manners.
The basement leads to the garage.garage.png
And the only other real work done already has been installing a dishwasher. See before, then after. That’s the half bath in the back.
I’m thinking about moving the table to where the refrigerator and washer/dryer are. That’ll let a lot more light in. Then, the fridge would go where the table is, and there’s a hook-up for the washer/dryer in the garage. What do you think?5
The dishwasher sticks out a few inches, but that preserves everything else. Eventually, the counters will be redone and a few inches added. Everything else in here is fine.
So lots more work to do. One last thing: This is a neighbor’s door, a few blocks away. Not mine. Happy Hanukkah!


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