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And now, the kitchen!

This blog was not supposed to be about home improvement, but we all go through phases.
The bathroom is done and we’re happy with it. In fact, I took two baths over the weekend!
Now, onto the kitchen.
The main reason for this work is that the dishwasher we had installed in the fall goes a few inches past the edge of the counter.
There’s insulation showing, and the house can never be sold or rented until that’s fixed. May as well get it done when Bob the contractor has the time.
So we’re going to get the counters replaced. We’ll extend it those few inches and use the end piece of wood from before the dishwasher to cover up that side.
This will be the backsplash. Late update: Home Depot has to order more of it.
The nook with the microwave is included.
We’re going to keep the sink, but get a new faucet.
And change the knobs and handles on the perfectly fine cabinets to reflect the house’s long history and look more like the doors upstairs. (This part was obviously Garry and Bob’s decision!)
That’s it for now. We were also thinking about redoing the floor.
And maybe changing the fluorescent lights to LEDs. They would be brighter, eliminate the buzzing sound and lower the electric bill very slightly.
kitchen lights
Work is getting started today.
We’ll keep you posted.


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