All done! New year, new bathroom

The holidays are always a busy time. Finishing a major construction project while working everyday meant chaos and a delayed post. So here it is, the last steps to the final product!

By Friday, way back on Dec. 18, the bath tub was finally installed. Bob the contractor could finish what was delayed.

Friday 1Friday 2Friday 3Friday 4Friday 5

Saturday, Dec. 19

Saturday 1Saturday 2Saturday 3

Monday, Dec. 21

Monday 1Monday 2abathbbathcbath

Now, there is a giant litter box for Casey (it IS the bathroom!) and a few floor mats, but you get the picture.

So far, BathFitter fulfilled half of its promise for screwing up and delaying the work, and getting that was like pulling teeth. I’m sure the local franchise will take care of the rest of its responsibility.

So… The place is much brighter and less cluttered. Plus, there’s a LOT more storage!


And something here is gone, too.


Next project is buying a bed for the room I say is Casey’s before my brother and sister-in-law visit, later this month. That’s where we stored all the bathroom stuff. It needs a good cleaning.


Then, all three bedrooms are going to need work, some more than others.


I hope to post again before the next construction project.


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